India's Top 5 Carrot Producing State

Carrots, the vibrant orange gems, grace kitchens throughout India as a versatile and delicious staple. Here are the India’s Top 5 carrot-producing states!

Central India's heart, Madhya Pradesh, produces 167,590 tonnes annually, contributing 8.77% to India's carrot production, thriving with its varied terrain and sustainable farming practices.

Madhya Pradesh


Uttar Pradesh, with 178,970 tonnes per year, adds 9.37% to India's carrot harvest, leveraging its diverse climate and extensive farmlands. 

Uttar Pradesh 


Producing 224,740 tonnes annually, Punjab, famed for its golden fields, contributes 11.77% to India's carrot output.



With 235,390 tonnes yearly, West Bengal asserts itself as a key player in India's carrot cultivation, comprising 12.32% of the national production.

West Bengal


Leading with 386,390 tonnes annually, Haryana dominates as India's top carrot producer, contributing 20.23% to the nation's yield.



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