Indian States with Largest Forest Covers  

Andhra  Pradesh 

Seventh-largest cover: 36,475 sq km. Features Eastern Ghats forests & Nallamala Forest. Plays a vital role in regional ecology.


Sixth-largest cover:  38,720 sq km. Rich biodiversity with Bandipur&Nagarhole National Parks. Conservation efforts paramount.


Fifth-largest cover:  50,628 sq km. Ecologically diverse with tiger reserves like Tadoba&Pench. Western Ghats contribute significantly.


Fourth-largest cover:  51,345 sq km. Varied forests, home to Simlipal&Bhitarkanika National Parks. Crucial for preserving biodiversity.


Third-largest cover:  55,547 sq km. Expansive forests, including Indravati & Kanger Ghati National Parks. Valuable for wildlife protection.

Arunachal Pradesh 

Second-largest cover:  67,248 sq km. Rich biodiversity, including rainforests & subalpine forests. Namdapha National Park a highlight.

Madhya Pradesh 

Largest forest cover:  95,221 sq km. Diverse forests, home to Kanha & Bandhavgarh National Parks. Vital for biodiversity & wildlife conservation.

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