Hilarious April Fool's Pranks Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Swap the contents of your co-worker's drawers with another colleague's without them noticing. Bonus points if you can make it seem like it's always been that way.

The Classic Office Switcheroo

Place some realistic-looking fake bugs (spiders, cockroaches, etc.) strategically around your friend's desk, in their drawers, or on their belongings. Just make sure they don't have a heart condition!

Fake Bug Invasion

Cover the bottom of your co-worker's mouse with transparent tape. They'll be left wondering why their mouse isn't working, only to find out it's due to an invisible barrier.

Invisible Tape Mouse

Carefully remove the filling from some Oreos and replace it with toothpaste. Offer them to your friends or family, and watch their reactions as they take a bite.

Oreo Toothpaste Surprise

Set multiple alarms on your friend's phone to go off at random times throughout the day. Just be prepared for some potential retaliation!

Unexpected Alarm

Find a spill-proof cup or container and pretend to accidentally spill a drink on someone. Watch their reaction as they initially panic, only to realize they're not actually wet.

Spilled Drink Prank

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