7 Unsolved Mysteries In the World

Located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean,  Known for its mysterious disappearances, the exact cause remains unknown.

The Bermuda Triangle

Located in Wiltshire, England, A prehistoric monument with unknown purpose and construction methods.


The Voynich Manuscript

An indecipherable medieval manuscript, its origin and meaning remain a mystery.

Located in the Nazca Desert of Peru, the Nazca Lines are a series of massive geoglyphs created by the ancient Nazca culture. The purpose of these intricate designs, which can only be seen from above, remains a mystery.  

The Nazca Lines

In 1888, a serial killer named Jack the Ripper terrorized the Whitechapel district of London, England. Despite an extensive investigation and countless theories, the true identity of Jack the Ripper has never been definitively proven, leaving the case shrouded in mystery. 

Jack the Ripper

The identity of "DB Cooper"

In 1971, a man identifying himself as "DB Cooper" hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft, extorted a ransom, and then parachuted out of the plane, disappearing without a trace. 

According to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, Atlantis was a powerful and advanced civilization that existed around 9,000 years before his time but its exact location and existence remain unconfirmed, leading to numerous theories and speculations. 

The Lost City of Atlantis