7 Mind-Blowing Climate Change Facts You Won't Believe

Climate change is real and its effects are undeniable. From melting glaciers to intensified hurricanes, the impacts of our changing climate are becoming increasingly apparent.

Here are the 7 mind blowing facts about climate change

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The loss of ice from glaciers and polar ice caps is causing Earth's axis to shift, leading to changes in land and water distribution. 

1. Glacial Melting Shifts Earth's Axis 

Increasingly intense heat waves and storms are becoming more frequent, globally impacting ecosystems and human lives with greater severity due to climate change.

2. Extreme Weather Event

Melting permafrost is releasing dormant viruses and bacteria, posing potential health risks to humans and animals. 

3. Ancient Viruses 

Rising ocean temperatures and acidification are causing coral reefs to expel algae, threatening their survival.

4. Coral Reefs Bleaching 

Rising sea levels are submerging low-lying islands, displacing communities, and causing land loss.

5. Island Disappearance 

Warmer temperatures and drier conditions are leading to more frequent and intense wildfires.

6. Increased Wildfire Risk 

Climate change is forcing many species to migrate to cooler regions, disrupting ecosystems and biodiversity. 

7. Shifts in Wildlife Populations 

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