6 Must Try India's Top Coffee Varieties 

India produces several varieties of coffee, each with its unique flavor profile. Here are some of the must-try coffee varieties grown in India.

Found in the lower altitudes of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, Robusta coffee has a strong, bitter taste with earthy and woody notes, prized for its high caffeine content.


Found in Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, Arabica coffee offers a smooth, mild flavor with hints of chocolate and fruit.


Processed by exposure to monsoon winds, this coffee from the Malabar region boasts low acidity, a full body, and earthy, musty flavors.

Monsooned Malabar 

A rare mutation, Peaberry beans from regions like Coorg and Chikmagalur produce intense, flavorful coffee due to their single-seed development inside the cherry.


A hybrid of Arabica and Robusta considered an exotic variety and well-known for its bold beans, it produces a variety of flavors ranging from spicy to chocolaty.

Selection 795 

Known for its large bean size and bold taste, MNEB coffee from Chikmagalur and Coorg offers a rich, complex flavor profile with hints of spice and chocolate.

Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold (MNEB) 

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