5 Ways to Conserve Biodiversity

Biodiversity Day Special

1. Support Local         Farms

Buying regularly from small local farmers support agricultural efforts to conserve biodiversity and provides financial support to local farmers.

2. Buy Sustainable     Products

Check the products you buy and the companies you support to make sure your shopping habits aren't contributing to habitat destruction elsewhere. 

3. Sustainble           Living

Everyone can protect biodiversity by making small changes in their lifestyle such as taking a short shower, buying eco-friendly products or turning off the water while washing dishes etc.

4. Raising  Awareness

By raising awareness about  importance of biodiversity, its benefits & threats it faces ;individuals, communities and policymakers can make informed choices and take necessary actions to protect and conserve biodiversity.

5. Respect Local     Habitat

Plants growing in parks and nature preserves near you often play an crucial role in preserving the local ecosystem. Protect local biodiversity while you're out and help your community do the same.

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