5 Super Herbs to Naturally Cool You This Summer!

Cooling herbs soothe with their refreshing properties, calming both body and mind with a cool breeze of relief. Here are five herbs known for their cooling properties, perfect for the summer:

Mint leaves are refreshing and can help cool down the body. You can use them to make a refreshing iced tea or add them to salads, fruit salads, or even water for a cooling effect.

1. Mint

Lemon balm has a mild lemon scent and flavor, and it's known for its calming and cooling properties. You can use it to make a soothing tea or add it to salads and desserts.

2. Lemon Balm

Cilantro has a cooling effect on the body and is commonly used in summer dishes, especially in cuisines like Indian, Thai, and Mexican. You can add it to salads, salsa, or use it as a garnish for various dishes.

3. Cilantro

Chamomile tea is known for its calming effects and can also help cool down the body. You can enjoy it hot or cold as an iced tea.

4. Chamomile

Lemongrass has a citrusy flavor and aroma and is often used in teas, soups, and curries. It has cooling properties and can help refresh and rejuvenate you on hot summer days.

5. Lemongrass

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