5 Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold

"Number 17A" by Jackson Pollock  

Fetching an estimated $200 million in a private sale, this iconic drip painting exemplifies Pollock's unique style, emphasizing spontaneity and abstract expressionism.


"Nafea Faa Ipoipo (When Will You Marry?)" by Paul Gauguin  

Transacted for around $210 million in 2015, Gauguin's vibrant portrayal of two Tahitian women captures his fascination with exotic cultures and emotional resonance.


"The Card Players" by Paul Cézanne  

Commanding an estimated $250 million in a private sale, this series showcases Cézanne's mastery of form, color, and composition through its contemplative scenes of rural card games.


"Interchange" by Willem de Kooning  

Changing hands in a private sale for $300 million, this abstract expressionist artwork exudes dynamic energy and is a pinnacle of de Kooning's style.


"Salvator Mundi" by Leonardo da Vinci  

Sold for a record-breaking $450.3 million in 2017, this masterpiece depicts Christ as Savior of the World, showcasing da Vinci's unparalleled skill.