5 Easy Ways to Help Sparrows This Summer!

As summer nears, let's prepare to aid sparrows amidst urban challenges. Follow these tips to create a safe place for them in your backyard.

Keep a birdbath filled with fresh water to quench their thirst and offer a place for bathing, keeping sparrows cool and clean.

1. Provide Water

Install birdhouses or nesting boxes to give sparrows safe havens for breeding and raising their young in your yard.

2. Create Shelter

Grow native plants to attract insects and produce seeds, offering a natural buffet for sparrows to feast on during the summer.

3. Plant Native Vegetation

Opt for bird-friendly pest control methods to protect sparrows from indirect harm caused by pesticides and preserve their food sources.

4. Limit Pesticide Use

Fill bird feeders with a variety of seeds like millet and sunflower seeds to supplement sparrows' diets, ensuring they have sustenance throughout the summer.

5. Offer Food

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