5 Deadly Habits Damaging Your Kidneys!

Maintaining kidney health is crucial for overall well-being. Here are five things to avoid:

High sodium can spike blood pressure, stressing kidneys. Keep daily intake below 2,300mg to safeguard kidney health.

Excessive Salt Intake

Insufficient water intake impairs kidney function, raising the risk of stones. Stay hydrated, especially  in hot weather, for optimal kidney health.


Too much animal protein strains kidneys. Balance intake with plant-based sources for kidney-friendly nutrition.

Overconsumption of Protein

Alcohol can impair kidney function and lead to dehydration. Moderate intake to protect kidney health.

Heavy Alcohol Consumption

Unmanaged diabetes and high blood pressure harm kidneys. Manage them through lifestyle changes and regular check-ups to safeguard kidney function.

Ignoring Chronic Health Conditions

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